The study of Astrology

Astrology is the study of a person’s behaviour, weaknesses, strengths and threats by assessing his signs, birth chart, planets and houses. It has been found in a study that there is a strong relationship between astrology and the profession. There are lots of books available on the online book stores like, and so many, which provide its customers some good deals. A lot of beginner books are also available, which teach its readers from the scratch. Some astrology books are unique that they explore the universe to find the meaning and purpose of our lives. These books tell us how astrology can assist one in his evolutionary quest. The elements like water, fire, earth and air have a strong connection with the astrology. Water and fire usually labelled as Charged while air and earth are labelled Neutral. Similarly, astrology has a relationship with subjects such as psychology, science, philosophy and religion. As described above, it is necessary to calculate the positions of planets in one’s birth chart, because every planet has energy and it is viewed as a distinct frequency. These beginner books are so efficient that within few hours of reading, it can enable anyone to cast his or her own birth chart. It gives the significances of the sun signs, moon signs, planets and the 12 zodiacal houses. The books also enlist the stunning discoveries in astronomy and also the projections of 21st century. The books give an easy and logical way to relate the sun signs, moon signs and planets and houses in a given chart. There are different techniques to determine a person’s profession with astrology. It is done by interpreting the 10th house and its ruler. It can also be done by the Sun position, in sign and house, and the ascendant.